• Friday – September 6, 2019    

    (Turn in any unfinished sheets from yesterday)

    Science Starter:
    1. Get out a RED PEN if you have one.

    Learning Target:  Teamwork!


    Classwork:   Check Clockwise/Counterclockwise and Designing an Experiment worksheets with RED PEN.  Complete Puzzling Problem in groups.  What do Teachers Make?

    Homework:  Make sure to look over your Divisions of Science!  Have parents fill out green sheet and return by Tuesday.



    Thursday – September 5, 2019    

    (Turn in Spatial Relations/Clockwise/Counterclockwise)

    Science Starter: 
    1.  Take 5 minutes to review the divisions of science.

    Learning Target:  Work on critical reading skills.


    Classwork:  Go over Brain Teasers.  Go over Classroom Scavenger Hunt.  Read “Designing an Experiment” for 10 minutes. Put the Guided Notes in the basket and the reading selection next to the basket when complete.  Fill out Seating Chart.

    Homework:  Finish Seating Chart if necessary.



    Wednesday – September 4, 2019    

    (Turn in your Brain Teasers/any other forms)

    Science Starter: 
    1.  What are the 3 main divisions of science?

    2.  Name as many subdivisions of science as you can!

    Learning Target:  Introduction to class with a focus on surroundings.

    Classwork:  Finish reviewing syllabus.  Complete Classroom Scavenger Hunt.  Start working on Spatial Relations worksheet.

    Homework:  Finish Spatial Relations and Clockwise/Counterclockwise worksheet.



    Tuesday – September 3, 2019  

    Science Starter: 
    1. Grab all the papers from the science demo table. 
    2. Grab one pencil from the beaker.
    3. Find a seat.
    4. Write down the homework in your planner.
    5. Talk to your classmates. 

    Classwork:  Follow Science Starter steps. Introduce myself. Go over class syllabus. Work on Brain Teasers in groups.  

    Homework:  Finish Brain Teasers and Student Questionnaire. Get parents to sign syllabus and fill out Parents are Partners by Tuesday, September 10.


    Class Syllabus 2019-2020

    Parents Are Partners