Energy Conservation

  • Free Energy Dashboard

    LivoniaPublic Schools is pleased to provide a free online energy-tracking tool. GreenQuest is a personal energy dashboard that enables community members to track and analyze the energy use for their home or place of business. The district is providing GreenQuest to the community in order to educate, raise awareness of, and promote energy conservation.

    At, district residents can track their energy use and cost; compare their building with its peers; evaluate energy saving projects; track their carbon footprint; analyze energy use with AccuWeather weather data; and,as an option, obtain an ENERGY STAR building rate (for commercial buildings). The service is completely free for community members, and it is safe and secure–no confidential user information is needed, and we hope to see people use it.



    Building by Building Results 

    Carbon Reducation & Overall Savings

    Thermostat Savings Chart