Services Available

The Livonia Public Schools Program for the Visually Impaired provides several options to meet the needs of each student. Please read about the available services listed below to discover what may be suitable for your child.

Visually Impaired Center Classroom

This specialized program in available for students with significant visual impairments. The Visually Impaired Basics classroom services students with visual impairments who need daily assistance in order to reach their full academic potential. These students receive the expanded core curriculum which includes instruction in Braille, orientation and mobility, low vision techniques, independent living skills, and assistive technology. Many of the students are integrated into the general education curriculum. Daily support is also given to the general education teacher and building staff, including adaptation of materials. Classrooms are located at the preschool, elementary, and secondary level buildings.

Teacher Consultant Services

Teacher Consultant Services facilitate the mainstreaming of students in their educational setting. Services include consultative support to classroom and building staff, providing adaptive equipment, and may include direct instruction for students in the expanded core curriculum, which includes Braille, low vision techniques, independent living skills, and assistive technology.

Early Intervention

The Visually Impaired Early Intervention Program provides diagnostic evaluations of visually impaired infants and toddlers in the home and school environments. The interventions provide support for attaining developmental milestones for the student.

Low Vision

Low vision services are available to students who qualify. Services may include a clinical low vision evaluation, an assessment of appropriate low vision devices, and the lending of aids for trail within the classroom. Low vision devices assist students within the classroom for both near and distant objectives and for travel within the community. A coordination of services with the Michigan Commission for the Blind and other agencies is also a benefit provided to the student.

Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility is adaptive travel instruction through which eligible students learn to travel safely, efficiently, and with purpose. Orientation and Mobility teaches individuals to travel comfortably and independently in the school, neighborhood, and community.

For more information about the services available through the Program for the Visually Impaired, contact (734) 744-2615.

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