Below are some links to activities and background information for parents. It is important to talk with your children about Internet safety, starting at an early age. 

The National Crime Prevention Council produces resources for communities to teach crime prevention strategies and promote safety in schools through the Be Safe and Sound in School program. Below is a downloadable PDF which covers the Acceptable Use Policy (APU) that has been implemented in Livonia Public Schools, how to get the conversation of internet safety started with your child, what to do if you feel your child is in danger, and how to control access to the internet. is a network of informational articles and videos ranging in thousands of topics allowing visitors to explore something new. In the parenting section and in the link below, you will find the article, Kids Online: Parent's Guide to Internet Safety, which covers how to set guidelines with your child, knowing when to say no, where to watch for warning signs, and how to join in on the fun of the Internet. Further, the site will also provide related pages covering cyber bullying, social networking, and a guide to setting up parental controls. is an internet review site designed to provide web hosting data to web developers, business owners, and bloggers who are starting their own website. They also provide resources regarding E-Safety, such as in the link below, Parents' Guide to Internet Safety, featuring illustrated guides containing information regarding messaging apps such as Snapchat, 10 Safety Rules for Kids Online, insights on internet acronyms and slang, as well as other E-Safety resources.