LPS Accreditation Recommended for Renewal from National AdvancED Team!

AdvancED Accredited seal

 On April 7-9, 2014, Livonia Public Schools hosted an AdvancED External Review Team that visited the district and a cross-section of our schools.  Their purpose was to evaluate how well our district met the AdvancED accreditation standards on quality schools and districts and to make a recommendation for national accreditation.

Six trained professionals from across the state and nation completed the following steps:

  • Reviewed more than 600 district documents and artifacts,
  • Examined stakeholder perception feedback data and student assessment data,
  •  Interviewed over 196 district, school, and community stakeholders,
  • Conducted site visits to ten of our 26 schools,
  • Observed district and school quality practices.

The team found that Livonia Public Schools continues to meet the requirements for AdvancED accreditation at the District level and announced it will recommend the renewal of District Accreditation for the district. Their recommendation was reviewed and approved at the national level.  The final accreditation report was received and is being reviewed in order to make plans to maintain the three noted strengths of the district and address the two areas of improvement.

Livonia Public Schools initially received accreditation through AdvancED in May, 2009.  AdvancED requires completion of the accreditation process once every five years.  This year’s visit by the AdvancED External Review Team allowed the district to demonstrate its ability to maintain its accreditation status through AdvancED.  Through district level accreditation, all LPS schools are also accredited by AdvancED.

​Parents and interested community members can learn more about the District Accreditation Process by access the files and/or links below.

 AdvancED Exit Report

Presentation to the Board of Education on April 9, 2014

Celebrating LPS Accreditation as a Quality School System May 19, 2014
PowerPoint Presentation to the Board of Education
View the Board of Education Presentation Video

AdvancED Report of the External Review
Executive Summary of the Report of the External Review

AdvancED Standards and Indicator Evidence 2014
Evidence to support the AdvancED Standards and Indicator ratings for 2014

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