Health Education Test-Out Procedures


Students who are currently NOT enrolled in Health will be eligible to take the exam. Students interested in taking the Health Test-Out need to be in at least the eighth grade. Each student will need to provide the parental permission slip indicating whether they may take the HIV/STD and Sexuality Education portion of the exam. The Health Test-Out has two versions, one that includes the HIV/STD and Sexuality Education curriculum and one that does not. Each exam will contain the same number of questions.. Students will also be required to bring their student ID with them to the exam. Students who pass this exam will be awarded credit on their transcript. The results of the test-out will not will not affect their grade point average.

Spring Administration

                Date - February 27, 2019 

                Time- 12:00-3:00 p.m.

                Location – Stevenson High School
Bring permission slip and ID to the exam.  CLICK HERE FOR PERMISSION SLIP

CLICK HERE to register. Registration is open through February 20, 2019.


The test-out includes multiple choice,  and matching  questions. The test-out will consist of the following;

1. Nutrition and Physical Activity

2. Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs

3. Safety

4. Social and Emotional Health

5. Personal Health and Wellness

6. HIV and other STI prevention (may “opt-out”)

7. Sexuality Education (may “opt-out”)

In addition, please feel free to visit the M.D.E website for the Health Grade Level Content Expectations for more detailed information.

Test Results

Students must score 80% or better in order to receive credit.

The student will be given the results before leaving the test-out. A letter will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating test results; counselors will also be notified.