Internship Programs

Three Internship Programs are available through the Livonia Public Schools District.
They are:

Career Intern Program
Vocational Intern Program

High school elective credit is received by those students who are selected to participate
in any of these programs.

Students need to provide their own transportation to and from their internship site.
Students participate in the programs during 2 or 3 of their class hours,
(hours 4-6 or hours 5 & 6)

Mission for the Career Intern Program

To create opportunities for students to:
      • investigate career options and develop career goals
      • identify and practice the skills and attitudes needed for workplace success

To accomplish this, the Coordinator will:
      • develop and maintain quality business sponsors
      • monitor internship progress
      • create opportunities for job shadowing experiences
      • communicate with students to design weekly seminars based
         on the needs of each group. These seminars will engage
         students in activities to enhance workplace success.

Seminars are very interactive and may include:

  • business etiquette and ethics
  • developing Mission Statements
  • enhancing public speaking skills
  • participating in team building activities
  • strengthening communication skills
  • enhancing interpersonal and intra-personal skills
  • experiencing diversity
  • participating in field trips
  • developing Portfolios
  • creating PowerPoint presentations
  • enhancing writing skills
  • practicing self advocacy
For Appendices information in the Handbook (below), call 734-744-2534.

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