Algebra 1 Test-Out Procedures


Students who have NEVER BEEN ENROLLED in Algebra 1 will be eligible to take the exam. Students interested in taking the Algebra 1 Test-out need to be in at least eighth grade.  In addition, 6th graders entering the MACAT program next year are also eligible to take the Algebra 1 Test-out exam. Register online using the link below.  Students will be required to bring their student ID with them to the exam. Students who pass this exam will be awarded credit on their high school transcript. The results of the test-out will not affect their grade point average.

Spring Administration

            Test Date: Wednesday April 30, 2014

            Time:   9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

            Location:  Stevenson High School Room C-21


Test Components

The Algebra 1 test-out consists of 75 multiple choice questions testing the following Algebra 1 Content Strands:

  1. Number systems and number sense
  2. Representations and relationships
  3. Calculations using real and complex numbers
  4. Construction, interpretation and manipulation of expressions (linear, quadratic, polynomial, power, and exponential)
  5. Definitions, representations, and attributes of functions
  6. Operations and transformations with functions
  7. Models of real-world situations using families of functions
  8. Lines and linear functions
  9. Exponential functions
  10. Quadratic functions
  11. Power functions (including roots, cubics, quartics, etc.)
  12. Polynomial functions
  13. Bivariate Data – Examining relationships
    1. Scatterplots and correlations
    2. Linear regression


Please feel free to visit the MDE website for more detailed information about the Michigan Merit Curriculum Algebra 1 High School Content Expectations.


Test Results

Students must score 80% or better in order to receive credit.

A letter will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating whether or not their student passed the test-out. Counselors will be informed via email by Mitzi Castelli.