The following updates are being posted by Livonia Public Schools as a courtesy to residents. Please contact Livonia City Hall or Westland City Hall for complete legal descriptions and actions regarding all properties. 

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Information on Sale & Development of School Properties:

November 10, 2017 Update:

Recently, the district hosted community meetings to update members of the LPS community about the sale of property near their home.  The school district's Board of Education approved the sale of these properties to Infinity Homes during its September 18 board meeting.  (To view the meeting video, or to read the motions and supporting documents, search under the School Board tab on this site.)   Meeting invitations for the community update were sent to homes in the neighborhood(s) surrounding those properties.  We were pleased to welcome many members of the community who attended the meetings. 

Questions arose regarding next steps in the development process.  Most inquiries focused on areas which will now be under the city’s purview (ie: site plan approval, proposed development, etc).   In order to assist our community, the district will provide updates on this site to help track the next stages for the proposed developments on the former school properties that are currently going through the sale process. 

It is important to note, citizens who wish to be informed about the planning process should regularly check with the City of Livonia or City of Westland websites, check the legal notices in the Livonia Observer, or subscribe to meeting notice notifications to keep current on the developments. 

Those properties are: 
1. Former Old Perrinville site at Farmington Road and Ann Arbor Trail (Westland)
2. Former Nankin Mills Elementary, on Ann Arbor Trail and Hubbard (Westland)
3. Current site of the Western Wayne Skill Center (former Ford Junior High) on Ann Arbor Trail, between Merriman and Farmington roads. (Westland) 
4. Former Clay Elementary on Mallory, south of Six Mile and east of Newburgh. (Livonia) 

To date, the City of Livonia has not received petitions for zoning changes for the former Clay site. Once a petition is filed, the city adheres to the notification requirements of the Michigan Zoning Enabling statute, which requires notices to all property owners within 300 feet of the property, as well as posting a public notice in the Livonia Observer. 

Additionally, the city's zoning ordinance requires that a sign be posted on the property. Since LPS maintains ownership of the property, during the due diligence period of the sale process, any application for a zoning change must be authorized by the school district. 

Any site plans that would be presented by the future property owner would go to the Planning Commission, where they are reviewed during the public meetings. 

For the Westland properties, any zoning changes would undergo the same process, and LPS will make every attempt to post updates here. The newspaper of record for the City of Westland is the Westland Eagle. 

We will make every attempt to post updates, as we receive them here on this webpage. Again, we encourage interested individuals to regularly check notices provided by the City on their website and in the Observer for the most accurate and up to date information. 

February 16, 2018

* The Westland Planning Commission will review proposed site plans for the Western Wayne Skill Center and Nankin Elementary properties during its 7:30 p.m. meeting on March 6 at Westland City Hall.

* The Westland City Council is expected to review the plans during its March 19 meeting at 7 p.m. at Westland City Hall.

* The Livonia Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at Livonia City Hall, regarding the former Clay Elementary site. Public comments are being sought on the proposal to rezone the site from Public Lands to single family residential. 

March 19, 2018