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Opportunities for Homeschool Families

Opportunities for Homeschool Families

Thank you for your interest in Livonia Public Schools, a district with a long-established history of excellence. We’re pleased to offer the following opportunities to students who are currently home schooled in our community.

Elective Courses (K-12) - Non-essential elective courses taken at the school on a daily basis following the school calendar. The school year is divided into two 20-week semesters. Eligible middle and high school courses include a variety of art, music, world language, and advanced placement classes. Career and Technical Education courses include Management and Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Medical Occupations, Web Design, Construction Trades, and Criminal Justice Technology. At the K-6 elementary level, students may attend weekly sessions of art, music, PE or Library Media, and Informational Technology at grade 5, at the school considered to be their home public school. Please contact the school principal directly for scheduling information.

Section 21f Online Courses (7-12) - Students enrolled in at least one course at the home public school are eligible to be enrolled in up to two online classes per semester.  Courses must be selected from the state-wide online course catalog (

Dual Enrollment (9-12) - Students enrolled in at least one course at the home public school may be eligible to take a college course at the District’s expense and earn high school and college credit.  Dual enrollment courses must be academic in nature and normally apply to a degree program.

Seat Time Waiver Program (9-12)- Students in the Seat Time Waiver program are full-time students who take 3–6 of their classes online each semester. These students are working toward earning a Livonia Public School diploma. These students may participate in athletics and other extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school.

Contact Information for Middle and High Schools:
Click on the Schools tab to find each school’s website.

Emerson Middle School- 734-744-2665           Churchill High School- 734-744-2650

Frost Middle School- 734-744-2670                  Holmes Middle School- 734-744-2675

Stevenson High School- 734-744-2660            Franklin High School- 734-744-2655

Livonia Career Technical Center- 734-744-2816