Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

Livonia Public Schools is searching for its 2017-2018 Teachers of the Year, for the elementary and secondary levels.A committee of teachers, administrators, and residents has formed to select the designees, to be annouced in mid-May or early June.

Nominees must possess exemplary personal qualifications, professional skills, and records of school/community service. In addition, they should spend at least half of their time teaching in a regular classroom, and have tenure status

All areas must be completed for nomination to be considered by the committee. Please write in complete sentences, giving specific details and/or examples where applicable. 

Teacher Name 


Grade or Subject 

In narrative form, give brief examples of the following:

Personal characteristics of the nominee (integrity, persistence, caring, etc.

Excellence in and commitment to the teaching profession (events, quotes, innovations, successes, good personal relationship with students and teachers, etc.) 


Related professional experience (participation in efforts to improve the education and social conditions of the community, etc.) 


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Relation to nominee

Questions regarding the Teacher of the Year program may be directed to Stacy Jenkins at sjenkins3@livoniapublicschools.org. All nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, February 28.


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