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English Language Arts

  • Apply multiple strategies to construct meaning using a variety of texts.
  • Read with increased fluency, automaticity, and independence.
  • Become lifelong readers who choose to read for information and enjoyment.
  • Apply the writing process to communicate effectively.
  • Produce a variety of texts for different purposes including elements unique to specific genre.
  • Write using standard English conventions.
  • Listen actively, responsively, and analytically.
  • Use oral language appropriately and effectively to communicate.
  • Comprehend a variety of visual texts for multiple purposes.
  • Create representations of information and ideas using multiple texts.
  • Use a variety of resources and technologies independently and collaboratively to access information, improve skills, and develop final products.
  • Use a variety of thinking (metacognitive) processes for multiple purposes.
  • Integrate and apply skills in personal, social, occupational, and civic contexts.