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Chief Financial Officer, Alison Smith

Alison Smith

Alison Smith is a graduate of Livonia Public Schools, a current Livonia Public Schools resident, and it was with much joy she returned to the district in 2012 to serve the students, staff, and community.

Alison has spent the last decade working in public and non-profit accounting both at the University and K-12 levels.   Alison holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Eastern Michigan University, a master’s degree in business administration from Wayne State University, and a Chief Financial Officer certification from the Michigan School Business Officials organization.  She is a former President of the Wayne County School Business Officials organization. 


Department Information

In her current position as Chief Financial Officer, Alison's responsibilities include collaborating with the Livonia Public Schools Board of Education in establishing a comprehensive budget for all district expenditures, overseeing the accounting functions of the district including payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, overseeing the development, implementation, and maintenance of internal controls and accounting procedures, overseeing/preparing all applicable local, state, and federal financial reports including but not limited to Form SE-4096, SE-4094, MAER, FID, and the SEFA, and overseeing the day-to-day management of the district’s fiscal resources.

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