Food & Nutrition Services

We believe that children who learn to make healthy food choices and be physically active at school will continue these habits into adulthood. Livonia Food and Nutrition Services is constantly striving to follow all Federal guidelines pertaining to child nutrition while providing food that appeals to our students.

Breakfast is available at every school.


Online payments for lunch accounts are accepted through MyPaymentsPlus. CLICK HERE to access the site.

Department Head:
Pat Schuchardt, Supervisor

Department Phone Number:

Other Department Staff:

Beth Judd, Secretary

CLICK HERE to email the Food & Nutrition Services Department.

Elementary (K-4) Lunch Menu
Upper Elementary (5-6) Lunch Menu
Middle School (7-8) Lunch Menu
High School FAV Menu
High School Bistro Menu

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Additionally, online payments will be switched from PayPal to CLICK HERE to access the site.
This information will be available soon on the LPS webpage, as well as on each school webpage.