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The safety of students and staff is the top priority of Livonia Public Schools. At the heart of this operation is the security department.

The security department is responsible for everything from the safety features of our school buildings to training teachers and staff on important health issues like CPR and bloodborne pathogens.

The security department has provided ongoing invaluable consult in the planning and renovating of the school buildings during the Bond issue project. Central in those discussions are the new, more secure entrances and breezeways of each school.

In addition to building safety, the security department continually develops and updates procedures for emergency situations. This protocol is essential to ensuring that staff and students are safe in every eventuality. To ensure that everyone in the district is prepared for any situation, the security department oversees drills for tornadoes, lock-downs, and fires, making sure each building completes them as required by the state.

The security department's reach extends beyond district property, through their close working relationship with the Livonia Police Department. Together with LPD, they work to protect students from things like stranger danger and reckless behavior (alcohol and illegal drug usage, for instance).

Due to the tireless work of the security department, Livonia Public Schools provides an exceptionally safe environment for staff and students.

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