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Livonia Parent Advisory Committee (LPAC)

The Livonia Parent Advisory Committee (LPAC) seeks parent representation from each Livonia Special Education Program. Parent representative volunteers have a child/children with a disability(ies). The LPAC also provides advisory input on matters regarding improvement of Special Education services within our school district. 

The LPAC is currently in search of parents interested in participating in our committee. Interested parties should contact Lora Boka, Student Services Coordinator at (734) 367-6041 or you can email Lora at   

Parent Advisory Committee Representatives for Livonia Public Schools:
Mrs. Kara Clarke 

Message from Kara: 

Hello LPAC families!

I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself. I am a mom of two high school students, both receive special education services.  One is in a center based program and the other is in the general education setting with support. My students have been receiving services in Livonia since they were in preschool.  So we have experienced quite a bit of what Livonia has to offer and we are so incredibly proud of the progress and gains that they both have made. 

In my roles as Wayne County Parent Advisory Committee and Livonia Parent Advisory Committee Chair for our school district, this allows me to learn about Special Education topics, receive training and share information back to the parents in Wayne County and LPS as well as provide parent-to-parent support. The idea of building a support system and sharing information with other parents in the district is the next step. In collaboration with our Student Services Coordinator, Lora Boka,  we’d like to extend an invitation to you to share your thoughts and input on what potential there is for a parent group that connects and supports those of us who have an IEP supported student.

If you have a few moments could you take this quick confidential survey to let us know how this idea may be helpful for you and your family?

Warmest Regards,

Kara Clarke

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