Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Maureen McAlinden

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Degrees and Certifications:

Michigan State University -Bachelor of Arts-American Public Affairs: Minors in Spanish and Secondary Education Eastern Michigan University-Master of Arts- Teaching Spanish as a Second Language

Mrs. Maureen McAlinden

March 26,2020 update:

Hola, I want all of you to know that I miss being at school and seeing all of my students each day.    I am proud of how much they have learned this year.  Fundamentals of Spanish students have gone from simply stating in Spanish their name and where they are from ,to telling time, discussing the weather, talking about their likes and dislike, stating what activities they want or don't want to do and more.   The Spanish 3 students have significantly improved their listening skills as we have listened to audio of native Speakers from different countries.  They are watching a TV series completely in Spanish.  We are reading a fiction novel that discusses Ben's adventures in El Salvador.  I miss the energy in the classroom as the students bring their unique perspectives to the topics.  Some people wonder, how can I teach the same content year after year and my answer is that the Students make it so interesting that I am never bored at work. 

Since, I am not able to be in the classroom, I will be using Google Classroom to connect with my students.  This is new to me  but I will use this extra time at home to learn something new.   Each week, my goal is to post new enrichment activities.  My Spanish students have worked diligently this year to learn new Spanish language skills and the activities provided will help them maintain and strengthen their skills.  I am proud of how much  they have accomplished and hope they continue to practice their skills and take time to go online to learn about the culture of different Spanish speaking countries.  

Students:  If you come across some interesting youtube videos that are relevant to our class curriculum would you please email me and let me know?

Also, if you want to share with me which activities have been helpful and which ones are not working well, please send me an email.  I've got time to read them and would like to hear from you.    Stay safe.  Stay well.  

Here are the google classroom codes for my classes:  Spanish 3:  2pdfu3i

Fundamentals of Spanish:  ngt3d77

Welcome to my website.  I have been teaching Spanish in Livonia since 1992.  Livonia Public Schools are very special to me as my husband graduated from Stevenson H.S. (many years ago ) and 2 of my daughters graduated from Stevenson.  My youngest daughter will be a Stevenson Spartan in the near future.  I am proud to be a part of a school district that works with the community to develop a curriculum that challenges students and works to prepare them for the future.   With the world constantly becoming more connected through technology, it is more and more important for our students to develop an understanding of different cultures and languages.  Even the name of our language department has changed from Foreign Languages to World Languages.   

My training includes a B.A. degree from Michigan State (GO GREEN ) and an M.A. from Eastern Michigan University.  I have traveled to Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica and have gained a lot of cultural knowledge from first-hand experience.

I am looking forward to working with your son/ daughter this year.  Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns.  I prefer that students ask for extra help at the beginning of the semester so that they don't fall too far behind.

In addition to teaching, I am also the High School Figure Skating Sponsor and World Language Department Chair.