Upcoming Meetings


    Committee of the Whole
    9/21/20 - 6:30 p.m.
    Board Room

    Link for live stream will be
    here on Monday


    Note:  Special meetings are called as needed and are normally not reflected on the calendar below.




2020-2021 Meeting Dates

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  • Livonia Public Schools                    LPS Administration Building
    Board of Education
    15125 Farmington Road
    Livonia, MI  48152

    The Livonia Public Schools Board of Education welcomes members of the public to attend its meetings and offer feedback. 

    Addressing the Board​
    Individuals who wish to speak to the Board of Education may do so at any Board meeting during the Audience Communication portion of the meeting. Each speaker should complete an Audience Communication Form, which can be found directly outside the Board Room. This form should be given to the recording secretary for the Board.

    Each speaker is allotted three minutes. Those addressing the Board are asked to be courteous and respectful.

    Meetings will usually be held at the Administration Building, 15125 Farmington Road, Livonia.  Notation will be included if they are held elsewhere. 

    Minutes for Regular meetings are available on the website for the current school year and the previous five years. Official Board meeting minutes are stored at the Administration Building and are available for inspection. 

    Please contact the Superintendent's office to access this information.