• 1-10-20

    I will give +5 extra credit points (up to +10 if it's really great) to anyone wearing superhero themed stuff (T shirts, most likely) on Monday.

    You must have it on all day--if you just throw on a Spider-man pajama shirt for my class and then take it off, that doesn't count (a student did this a few years ago). Paper symbols pinned on shirts don't count, either. But you could wear a cape!

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  • 1-8-20

    As a part of our current superhero unit, we will be watching the movie Batman Begins in class in a few weeks. It is a PG-13 movie with some violence and mild language, but nothing generally inappropriate for the age group. If you are not comfortable with your child viewing this movie, please let me know and I will provide an alternate activity.

    Here is a link to a parent-themed review:


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  • 1-4-2020

    Please bring your chosen graphic novel with you all next week, even if you have finished it. We will be working on several assignments associated with it.

    Expect a kwiz on Batgirl:Year One on Wednesday and again on Friday.

    You will be required to meet with me to discuss some aspect of either graphic novel at least once this week.

    Hope you had a great break! See you soon!

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  • 12-24-19

    Graphic Novel Assignment Details--due Friday, 1-17

    You will have time to read your chosen novel and work on the written assignment in class the week we return. Here are the requirements (some changed from what was previously discussed in class):

    • Find four significant choices made by either writer or artist (or both) in the novel. These choices should be 'thinky'; in other words, they should be examples of important points in the novel (like 'masks' in Batgirl: Year One).
    • For each choice, write 150 words explaining the significance of the decision. 5 points per 'decision'.

    If your chosen novel does not provide many or any 'thinky' moments, you might consider choosing another. 







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