• In a few weeks, students will be reading a superhero graphic novel of their choice from a short list of possibilities. There will be time to read these in class, although students will likely need some time outside of class to complete the reading and the assignment.

    I have a class set of graphic novels, but they can't leave the classroom since I only have the one set. Students may want to purchase their chosen novel for outside reading.

    I have included a list of possible choices, along with a 'rating' and/or notes so that you can be aware of potentially controversial material. 

    Graphic novel choices:

    • Robin: Year One
    • Batgirl: Year One
      • Both of these are in my classroom and have little to no objectionable material. I would rate them as PG.
    • The Dark Knight Returns
    • Identity Crisis
      • Both of these are in my classroom and are fairly dark in content. They contain violence and some potentially objectionable material, although not extreme. I would rate both as PG 13.


    • Watchmen
      • The most famous graphic novel and one of Time magazine's 100 greatest novels of all time. Complex and mature, and should be considered R rated. I do not have this one in my collection.

    Other possible choices:

    • Infinity Gauntlet
    • Civil War
    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    • Captain Marvel: Higher, Further Faster
    • Daredevil by Frank Miller (artist/writer)
    • Ms Marvel: No Normal
    • Kingdom Come
    • Thor: Goddess of Thunder
    • Planet Hulk
    • Wolverine: Old Man Logan
    • World War Hulk
    • X Men: Dark Phoenix
    • Spider-Man: Back in Black

    Alternately, you may choose your own so long as it adheres to the following requirements:

    • Fairly lengthy--nothing excessively short
    • Fairly mature--no purely 'kid stuff' stories
    • Must be superhero themed

    I suggest you look for 'best superhero graphic novels' to find possible choices. Please approve them with me BEFORE you purchase!



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