Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hillman

Ms. Hillman has been teaching and directing theatre in the Livonia Public School district for the past 26 years and loves every minute of it. She earned her undergraduate degree at Eastern Michigan University and holds degrees in Broadcasting, Communications, English and Theatre. She holds a Masters degree in Education from Cambridge College as well. After working in the Broadcasting business after college, Ms. Hillman found her real passion while directing theatre at Franklin High School. She then went back for her teaching degree at Madonna University, student taught at Franklin High School, was hired to teach and direct theatre full time and the rest is history! Ms. Hillman has been the Director of CAPA for the past 9 years and teaches the Acting strand of the program. She strives to create an inclusive, positive and creative atmosphere where all of the students have the chance to land safely, taking risks as performers and growing as humans....together. 

Ms. Hillman is a former Livonia Teacher of the Year recipient and her mission is to inspire teenagers everywhere! "To teach is to learn again" and she is learning every single day as an educator. 

CAPA parents will want to sign up for the CAPA Parent Communication classroom by clicking  e~mail Ms. Hillman for the classroom code