Mrs. Lisa Pisko



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Mrs. Lisa Pisko

A Little About Me . . . 

As an educator, I can summarize my career by stating that I have had the privilege of having a pretty diverse background of teaching opportunities.  What does the mean?  Well, to begin, I have taught each of the grades one through six, at least once throughout my career!  I have spent many years teaching literacy in grades one through three.  My greatest concentration of teaching time has been teaching fourth grade.  In addition to making the rounds to each of the elementary grades, I have also hit a variety of demographic areas throughout Michigan. (We use figurative language in fourth grade.) My very first teaching position was in Detroit, Michigan (DPS).  I'll never forget my first day of school, looking out my window, and watching 1,300 elementary students descend upon the building as they made their way to school. Teaching at risk students was one of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever had.  I truly treasure the beautiful memories of children I serviced, and the colleagues I worked with at DPS for 7 years.  My next teaching experience took me to a rural town in Carleton, Michigan!  I marveled at the day to day differences of teaching in a rural setting compared to my former urban setting in Detroit.  As much as I loved teaching in a small town community, I knew that I had to get closer to home, and that's how I came to work at Livonia Public Schools.

On a personal level, I am married to a loving Haitian man named Nelson.  I have two children from a former marriage, a delightful son Nick, a daughter-in-law, Chelsea, a wonderful daughter, Lexie, and son-in-law, Mason!

The most important thing I want you to know about me is that I value relationships!  The relationship between teacher, students and parents is the most important and the most rewarding part of my job! With that being said, I will work my hardest to develop and nurture these relationships.  Know that problems are part of the process. Please be sure to communicate with me so that I can do my very best to address your questions, comments and concerns.