• The athletic program is an integral part of the extensive extracurricular activities offered at Emerson Middle School.  The program offers seventh and eighth grade students a wide variety of opportunities to particpate in athletic competition.  The goal that participation in athletics is to enrich the life of each athlete so that they may be a better student and citizen.


    Sport Offerings - Sign-Up Dates/Season Dates 

    Girls Volleyball
    Sign up: Online at least one week prior to tryouts      
    Start Date/Tryout: September 8            
    End Date: October 21

    Cross Country
    Sign up: Online at least one week prior to practice         
    Start Date: September 8             
    End Date: October 21

    Boys Basketball
    Sign up: October TBD              
    Start Date/Tryout: October TBD              
    End Date: December 14

    Girls Basketball
    Sign up: December TBD              
    Start Date/Tryout: January TBD           
    End Date: March 8

    Sign up: December TBD             
    Start Date: January TBD             
    End Date: March 3

    Track and Field
    Sign up: March TBD
    Start Date: March TBD          
    End Date: May 25


    Physical Examination

    You must have a completed physical on file in the athletic office before you can sign up or participate in tryouts or practice.  A physical must be dated after April 15 of the previous school year to be valid for the current school year. Physicals are mandatory for participation.  All sport's physicals from the 2019-2020 school year are valid this school year.  See the section on sport's physicals for more information (Sport's Physicals).


    All teams other than track and field, wrestling and cross country have roster limits and will require tryouts and cuts if sign-ups exceed spots available.      


    Practices begin at 3:30 and end at 5:00.  All games/meets will begin at 4:00 PM, expect eighth grade basketball and volleyball, which take place directly following the seventh grade games when playing outside of Livonia.  Parents/guardians must provide transportation home from Emerson after practices and games. Please be prompt when picking up your son/daughter. 

    Travel & Transportation

    All athletes are expected to leave on the bus as a team for all away contests. Although transportation will be provided to and from all away contests, students may be released after the game has concluded to travel home with parents as long as arrangements have been made with the coach. 

    Equipment & Uniform

    Athletes are responsible for all equipment issued to them during a sport season.  Equipment must be maintained in a reasonable and clean condition. All athletes must compete in their issued uniform.  The issued uniform is not to be worn in school.  All equipment must be cleaned and returned to the coach at the end of the sport season. 


    Participants are expected to be at all practices and games. Participation is a privilege. If a student does not attend or participate in practices, he/she may forfeit the opportunity to participate in one or more scheduled events.  In the unfortunate circumstance that an athlete must miss a practice, coaches expect a note, phone call or email from a parent/guardian. Three unexcused absences may result in dismissal from a team. 

    Pay to Participate

    Participation in athletics is based on the individual interest, ability, and number of members needed for a specific team. The payment of a participation fee does not guarantee a particular role on a team or that a student will play in each/every contest. 

    • A one-time participation fee of $150 will be collected upon making a sports team.
    • If a student quits or is dismissed for disciplinary/academic reasons, there is no refund. 
    • If a student is injured, any refund will be at the discretion of the athletic director. 
    • There is a cap of $700 per family for secondary athletics and activities. 
    • Families that do not have the ability to pay the fee, should contact the school office for information regarding athletic scholarship.  Students eligible for athletic scholarship may be instructed to pay $80 if eligible for reduced lunch, or $40 if eligible for free school lunches. 

    KLMSL Information

    Emerson, Frost and Holmes participate within the Kensington Lakes Middle School League (KLMSL).  The KLMSL is the middle school branch of the KLAA, which is the league in which the three Livonia high schools compete.  

    Contact Information                                                                                                     

    Art Colling III, Athletic Director

    Emerson Middle School

    734-744-2665 ext. 36117