Student Parking Permits

  • Parking Permit Application

    In order to be eligible for a parking permit the student must be a junior or senior, have a valid driver's license, and passed all classes the previous semester.  You will need to complete the following steps to obtain a student parking permit:

    1. The student and parent/guardian should complete the parking permit application.
    2. Use the Payschools link to pay the $50 parking fee, or bring $50 cash or check made out to Churchill High School. If you use Payschools and require a refund for ANY reason, including not meeting the eligibility requirements listed above, your refund will not include the processing fee of $1.75 that CHS incurs to use this service.
    3. Bring student's valid driver's license for verification to school on Monday, October 5th and Tuesday, October 6th. 
    4. Please make sure student has purchased a parking pass by October 16th. Violations will be enforced after October 16th.