•                                                                                                      Welcome!

    The library is open for student use Monday through Friday from 7:15 am until 3:00 pm. Students unaccompanied by a staff member must have a pass from class. 

     In the library, we ask all patrons to: 

    1.  Be doing something productive. 
    2.  Be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.
    3.  Be respectful of other people and property.

    4. Sign in for lunch

    5. Games and social networking sites (IG, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are not permitted on school computers

    6. Follow the rules set forth in the district Acceptable Use Policy (Student LivNet Access Policy).
    7.  Ask for help when needed -- we are happy to assist you!



                                                               Librarian: Mrs. Hart      Parapro: Mrs. Giroux