Substitute Office

  • Livonia Public Schools welcomes your interest in guest teacher/substitute teacher, parapro, secretarial, and noon monitor opportunities.

    We are pleased to share that we are partnering with EDUStaff, LLC to provide our district with these substitute positions, as well as hourly food service and noon aide positions for the current school year.

    EDUStaff is actively recruiting qualified candidates for the following positions.

    • Substitute Teachers
    • Subsitute Paraprofessionals
    • Substitute Secretaries
    • Noon Monitors

    How to Apply

    1. Go to EduStaff's Website.
    2. In the top left-hand corner, click “Start Application.”
    3. Complete the online application.
    4. Call EDUStaff at (877) 974-6338 with any questions.

    Livonia also requires that subs or noon monitors complete the appropriate packet:

    LPS sub packet 2019-20

    If you are interested in working for LPS in this capacity, please first contact Mary Ann Ingram in the Sub Office at 734-744-2540.