Mrs. Karla Brothers



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Karla Brothers

to 4th Grade!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning! Feel free to contact me at any time! I am excited to be working with each of you as your child reaches the end of their time at Hayes!

About Me

I have been married for many years. My husband, Aaron, is a graphic designer and web developer. Together we have two amazing girls, Paige and Quinn. I’m sure you will hear many stories about them and your children will get to know them too!! They will both be coming to throughout the year to help out!

I was born and raised in Alpena and graduated from Alpena High School. After high school, I attended Central Michigan University where I earned two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Political Science and one in Psychology. I left CMU and returned to school at Wayne State University where I received my teaching certification and Master of Arts Degree in teaching. Before teaching here in Livonia, I spent four years teaching middle school in Detroit. I have been a part of LPS since 1999 teaching Kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grades.


You will receive a variety of newsletters and bits of information throughout the year to keep you informed about what is going on in the class as well as at Hayes. It is important to check your child’s folder each night for notes. Class news will be sent electronically. This will save both time and paper! You can also sign up for e-blast news from Mr. Grezak through the Hayes website and join the Hayes PTA group on Facebook.

You can contact me at any time by sending a note in your child’s daily folder, leaving a message at the office, or e-mailing me. E-mail is the best way to contact me. I check my mail several times a day. If you have an urgent matter, contact Mrs. Cox in the office for assistance. If you need to get a hold of me after school hours, e-mail me. I access my school e-mail at home as well. Do not leave a voice message, I do not get them in my room!

School Phone: 734-744-2725
School e-mail:


Each child will need a backpack or tote bag to carry back and forth to school everyday. They will be bringing home a variety of papers, projects and books. Please do not buy back packs with wheels on them. They are too bulky and do not fit in our lockers.

Items for Students - I have plenty to share if you aren't able to buy them!!!
    a pencil box to keep their supplies in
    crayons and/or colored pencils
    glue sticks

Items that can be donated to the class include the following:            
    liquid glue                            
    Clorox wipes            
    glue sticks - Elmer's is the best!
    extra pencils - Tyconderoga are the best!
    dry erase markers - low odor, all sizes and colors
    heavy duty, clear page protectors

*As projects come up, I’m sure I will come across other supplies that would be helpful. If so, I will share it in my newsletter! Thanks!


Students will line up on the blacktop on the north side of the school before school starts. This is not a play time. Students should not be on the play structure at this time. There will be an adult outside on duty each day beginning at 8:45. I will pick them up from outside and walk them in. If you drop your child off earlier, there will be no adult supervision.

At the end of the day, those students that are being picked or walk will exit
through the door at the front of the building. If your child is riding the bus, going to the pick up line, or going to SACC, they will walk to the designated place at dismissal. If for any reason you need to pick up your child early, stop in the office and let Mrs. Cox know. She will call for your child to come to the office. Thanks!

If your child’s transportation routine changes, please write a note letting me know. If they are going home with a friend, both students must have a note from a parent.


Mornings are different for every student. I understand that some students will be needing a snack right away and others come to school having just eaten breakfast. Because of this, students will be free to snack whenever they need a little energy. Some may need a bite or two first thing in the morning and others just before lunch. The only rule is that it must be a healthy snack and they must be able to eat and work at the same time. Some ideas include goldfish crackers, popcorn, pretzels, etc. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice too. Just remember to cut or peel anything they won’t be able to do on their own. Also, if you are sending in something that requires a fork or spoon, try to send one in. Most of the time I have silverware on hand, but not always. Remember this is only a small snack. They should be eating breakfast before coming to school.


Physical Education - We will have P.E. each week. On P.E. days, please be sure students wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Girls should avoid wearing skirts and dresses on these days.

LMC - We have LMC each week. Remember to return books when they are due so another can be checked out! If they have a book out they will not be allowed to take out another one until it is returned.

Art - We are scheduled to have art one time each week. Students may bring an art shirt if they want to, but the art room does have some on hand if needed.

Music - We are scheduled to have music once a week.

Computer Lab - We will visit the computer to explore a variety of math
games and other programs. We may not go to the Lab every week, it depends on what other things we are working on.