National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) General Information

  • In order to be considered for NJHS, students must have a 3.667 cumulative GPA for first semester and have received 1's and 2's for citizenship.

    Shortly after first semester grades are submitted, Mrs. O'Connor will meet with  students that have met the GPA and citizenship requirements for consideration in joining the Holmes chapter of NJHS. 

    Students will get an invitation early in February and will meet with Mrs. O'Connor to find out the additional requirements and to learn more about the application process. One of those requirements will be 20 community service hours, so start collecting them now! Anything from the time a student leaves 6th grade until the applications are due in April can count for hours. Students will keep track of their own hours on a community service tracking form that will be made available at the beginning of each school year.

    8th graders who are members of NJHS will receive all communication through a special GOOGLE CLASSROOM site.

    For more information regarding Holmes National Junior Honor Society, please email Toni O'Connor at

Holmes NJHS November 2020 Update

  • Given the current situation we are in with COVID19 numbers on the rise and school being fully remote until mid-January, we have decided it is best to take a pause from any activities related to NJHS.  We have been hesitant to make this decision and had hoped that after a few weeks into September, we would be able to resume our chapter operations as normal.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Because there are currently so many restrictions in place in our community, our ability to hold meetings, volunteer in the community and fulfill our philanthropic activities as we have in the past, are severely limited.

    We are aware that many 8th grade students spent a significant amount of time completing service hours and their applications in the spring of last year.  One positive we can pull from that time is that students will be better prepared to apply for National Honor Society when the opportunity arises in high school, as our application is modeled after Stevenson's.

    As for current 7th graders, we will not be selecting applicants to apply for NJHS second semester as we have in past years.  We will continue to monitor the situation and if we are able to return to some sense of normalcy, we will send out information for current 7th graders at that time.