• The scheduling process has been altered due to the current closing of the school.  The following is how junior students will schedule for their senior year. 

    This process will be open March 27th nthrough April 10th.


    1.  Read the scheduling memo that was provided to you. If you do not have access, an electronic copy can be found here.  You need to use your LPS student email account to access this.


    2.  Students should refer to the FHS Program of Study with any questions.  The Program of Study is here.  You can also refer to the scheduling Power Point which can be viewed here.  A course request was attached to the email that was sent to you and your parent.


    3.  Contact your counselor by email with any question you may have.


    4.  Log into your MIStar account,using a computer if possible, and enter six class hours for each semester into you account.  DO NOT ENTER ALTERNATES ONLINE! The directions for using the online scheduling is here.


    5.  Email your counselor that you have completed your online scheduling.  In this email, include the courses you registered for on Student Connect and 4 alternate courses in case the courses you entered are not available.


    6.  Your counselor will send an email to verify that you are complete with your scheduling.