Middle & High Schools 2021-22


    The Livonia Virtual (LV) Program is an online learning platform designed to replicate the LPS classroom experience in a remote setting.  LV first became operational in September of 2020 in response to the COVID pandemic. 

    LV teachers are LPS teachers and LV courses will follow the LPS curriculum designed for each course.  LV students will remain registered with their home school, but their LV teacher may be from another LPS school.   Different from the current year LV daily time schedule with both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-guided) components, 2021-22 LV daily time schedule will run parallel to the daily schedule of the in-person mode of instruction and will only include fully synchronous (live) instructional periods.  There will not be daily asynchronous learning time regularly attached to an LV student’s daily schedule.

    Attendance expectations and grading procedures will also mirror the in-person experience and will be recorded per period and on a daily basis.  LV students will be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities including MHSAA athletics at their home schools.

    Parent involvement is a critical component in the success of an LV learner.  LV students must have strong time management skills, show self-initiative, be persistent in their technology efforts, and have the attributes of an independent learner. 

    There are limitations as to which programs and courses will be offered in an online format.  Not every course included in our in-person Programs of Study will be among the courses offered in Livonia Virtual.   Our goal is to provide high quality online instruction, but there are several programs and courses that are not a good fit for LV.   Among those courses not offered in LV include:

    • Programs such as MACAT, MSC, and Global Education which are specialized programs with an emphasis on cooperative social interaction and cohort instruction
    • Programs such as CAPA and courses such as Symphony/Concert Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Music which are performance-based courses
    • Livonia Career Center courses which are hands-on intensive and have longer instructional periods
    • Courses with specialized software and licensing requirements such as Photography

    Please also be aware even though courses are listed on the LV course offerings, if only a limited number of students select a particular course, it will be closed and eliminated as an offering.

    In addition, the selection of the LV option is intended to be a year-long (September-June) commitment. 

    A LV FAQ site has been established for your continuing review.  Please look for answers to your questions within that link as mentioned in the original email.  Questions may also be directed to Mr. Benjamin Hillard at bhillard@livoniapublicschools.org.

    Please be sure to submit the Mode of Instruction Selection Form within this email on or before Tuesday, April 6, 2021.