Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • The Related Services room houses both Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy services as well as the being the hub for assistive technology for the building. We currently have three Speech Language Pathologists, four Occupational Therapists and one assistive technology paraprofessional.

    Occupational Therapy

    The students are seen in many different contexts throughout the school day.  Formally students are seen within the classroom during cooking or fine motor time, snack or lunch, circle or small group time, or during library.  The best times to service the students are set up with the classroom teachers and Specials staff in conjunction with the students’ IEP goals.  Informally the OT’s have contact with the students in such places as the computer lab, the motor rooms, at recess and during end of the day routines. Students may also be seen within the community on fieldtrips, during community based instruction or on home visits.

    Speech Therapy

    Our speech therapists consults with the classroom teachers regularly to help create a stimulating speech and language environment.  Students’ communication IEP goals are supported throughout the day with special attention during activities such as cooking, snack, centers, small groups, large group, literacy, oral-motor, community based instruction and field trips.  Webster is committed to the best practices approach of serving students in natural settings.

    Augmentative/Alternative communication (AAC) is strongly supported throughout the program to provide students who have minimal or no intelligible speech with accurate ways to express themselves. Pictures, voice output devices and some basic manual signs are in use frequently.