Physical Therapy


    At Webster, physical therapist Mini Joseph provides services to the Primary/Intermediate program. The goal of physical therapy is to facilitate the gross motor skills of students to enhance their educational potential. Services are provided only with an annual written prescription from a physician and the recommendations of the IEP. After a physical therapy evaluation, goals, objectives and frequency of service are selected based on a team decision.

    Physical therapy services are often provided during physical education services to assist the student who cannot follow all the activities. They are also provided individually when the service may interfere with classroom activities. Physical therapy services also include assisting parents in obtaining adaptive equipment, orthotics, etc. The physical therapist also consults with the student’s primary physician and other consultants to provide what the student needs. The physical therapist also provides assistance during community based instruction based on the individual student’s needs.

    Webster also offers adaptive physical education classes, which are taught by Lisa Colucci.