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    Welcome back, Webster!

    2020-2021 will surely be a year unlike any other, and it will be for the Webster PTA as well. We will be focusing
    less on in person events and fundraising and more on support, inclusion and information sharing.

    What hasn’t changed is that the Webster PTA is here to support our students, staff and families. Whether you
    are doing Livonia Virtual or Face 2 Face after the safer start, we are all one community. We are here to support
    our students, staff and teachers to make it the best possible year it can be for everyone.

    Given this shift in focus, you may wonder if your membership matters… it DOES! The PTA represents the largest
    child education advocacy group in the nation. The official motto of the PTA is “Every Child, One Voice.” There is
    power in numbers. At such a challenging time, it is important to come together and show the strong community
    we have here at Webster. We strive for 100% membership in our community.

    The PTA offers parents, staff and members of the community an opportunity to help make Webster Elementary
    the best school for our children. Anyone can join the PTA, and all are welcome to attend the monthly PTA
    meetings, which will be held virtually. These meetings are informative, outline what the PTA has planned and
    allow for an exchange of ideas.

    The cost for membership is $8.00 for an individual or $16.00 for a family, which supports PTA’s efforts on the
    local, state and national level.

    You can sign up and pay online at: https://webster.memberhub.store/
    You do not need to send in the form if you sign up online.

    Cash is accepted or checks payable to Webster PTA. Please fill out the bottom part of this sheet and return to
    Webster’s office.

    Thank you, in advance, for your support and for being a part of the Webster PTA!
    Webster Elementary PTA Executive Board