Our "Why..."

  • We engage in this effort to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are actively embraced and practiced within our LPS community. We are committed to providing an equitable and culturally responsive learning environment to ensure that all LPS students and community members are welcomed, valued, and included. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


    Lisa Kaiser, MEd
    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Facilitator

    Lisa Kaiser was born and raised in Livonia, and attended Montessori Center of Our Lady, St. Edith Elementary School, and Ladywood High School before enrolling in Western Michigan University's Secondary Education Program. She taught English Language Arts and Family and Consumer Sciences courses at Churchill High School for fifteen years. She holds a masters degree in Special Education with a focus in Emotional Impairment.

    While in her role as a classroom teacher, Lisa attended a workshop with several colleagues in 2012 on Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism. Since then, she has been leading diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Churchill and throughout the school district. She has worked as a contractor for the State of Michigan Department of Education in Culturally Proficient Education, and is certified by Eastern Michigan University as Leader in Equity and Justice. As part of her current role, Lisa leads the district's Engagement in Equity Task Force.

    Lisa is proud and excited to be engaging in this work in the city where she grew up, and envisions a community that celebrates its diversity as a strength and an asset. You can contact Lisa at Lkaiser@livoniapublicschools.org.

Our Belief Statements...

    • We are strengthened through our diversity; it enriches our learning environments and makes us all better.
    • We all have implicit biases that have shaped our identities and beliefs, and we have a responsibility to uncover and address these biases within ourselves, our policies, and our procedures. 
    • When we acknowledge our historical inequities we can create a more just future for the LPS community.
    • Everyone’s experience is unique and valuable, and should be honored.
    • All LPS staff members have a responsibility to respond to racism, discriminatory language, and hateful acts toward anyone in our schools.
    • Our curricula must intentionally include and reflect the many sacrifices, contributions, and perspectives of our nation’s many cultures and people.
    • We are on a journey together of building a greater understanding of the students and families we serve.