LPS Climate and Environment Shared Vision

  • We are a caring community that knows and lifts every child. All employees, parents, and community members appreciate and honor the unique contributions each brings to our education community. Therefore, we see a school district where we:

    • Provide a safe, joyful, welcoming environment for all who enter and a place where students are eager to learn. 
    • Respect, value, empower, and trust one another
    • Celebrate the uniqueness of each individual in a climate of acceptance and understanding
    • Value open, honest, and two-way communication among all stakeholders(families, students, staff, and community). 
    • Invite parents and community members to be active partners
    • Benefit from facilities that are updated, well maintained, and contain cutting-edge technology and equipment.  

    In order to accomplish Livonia's shared vision for our school's culture and environment, we, at Kennedy, utilize three different community and character building programs. These programs are geared toward sponsoring a positive, warm, and welcoming environment.  

Building a Community with Character

Photo of Community with Character graphic

Growth Mindset

photo of growth mindset poster