Coolidge Center

  • Coolidge's Autistically Impaired center program has 4 classrooms ranging from grades one through four, organized by student grade level, servicing students with autism certifications. We have a team room staffed with a teacher and paraprofessional support to provide assistance with behavior, small group instruction, support with mainstreaming and inclusion students, and gross motor break opportunities, as appropriate for each student.

    Each student's goals are individually modified to access the curriculum.
    Throughout all our learning experiences, communication remains our central focus. Learning experiences range from one on one, hands-on, and group lessons. Our program also participates in community based instruction activities to enhance social skills, promote appropriate social behavior, and utilize functional life skills in the community.

    All Center students are encouraged to participate and join all extracurricular activities, after school events, and outings with the Coolidge community.

    Ancillary services are available to our students as recommended by each individual student's IEPC. These services include, but are not limited to: occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, social work, and psychological consult services.

    Observations: We welcome parent and therapist observations. Please make an appointment with Mrs. Coleman via email, complete an ICHAT form on the LPS district website, and limit your visits to 30 minutes each.

    Drop off/Pick up: Caregivers who chose to drop off or pick up their child are welcome to do so at the courtyard door by the habitat area. Please use the crosswalk in the parking lot. If you have a message for your child’s teacher, please leave a note with the receiving staff member and they will be happy to deliver the note to your child’s teacher.


    1/2: Sarah Hurley 
    1/2: Melissa Baker
    1/2/3: Ali Garrett
    2/3/4: Donna Wizinsky
    3/4: Nancy LaPrairie

    Our Support Staff:

    Team Lead/Speech Pathologist: Jackie Coleman
    Occupational Therapist: Rita Magdowski
    Principal: Larry Grezak

    Parent to Parent Resource Guide for Children with Special Needs

  • coolidge center staff

    Welcome to the 2018/2019 School Year at Coolidge Center! We have five center classrooms for students in grades 1-4 who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are a team of educators who put children first in all that we do.

    Helpful Information 

    School Hours: 8:37-3:43 (half day 8:37-11:55)
    School Phone Number: (734) 744-2705