Student Activities

  • Director: Paul Mercier
    Phone: 734-744-2650 X 46918

    The Student Activities office is located near to The Big Red Shed across from the cafeteria. This is where students can find out information about dances, assemblies, or virtually any school-wide event. If we can't answer your question, we can certainly help you find out who can! Students are welcome to stop by before school, after school, during lunch, or even between classes! 

Student Clubs


    Churchill High School offers a wide variety of student activities. Involvement and participation in these activities will enhance a student’s social skills, self-esteem, and sense of pride in their school. Activities provide students with opportunities to give service and represent their school and community, to make new friends and to develop special interest and abilities.

    Activities, clubs, and school organizations vary from year to year depending upon interest and sponsorship availability. Generally these will include:

    Animation Club (Mrs. Anselm)

    A student club commited to learning and creating animation using Google Slides and similar programs. This club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Mrs. Anselm's room. 

    Charger Herald(Mr. Wood)

    Students with good writing skills can join the Charger Herald, the school’s student newspaper. They meet in room A19 after school once or twice per month on Wednesdays. An issue comes out once a month with articles on topics such as school events, sports, lifestyles, and entertainment.

    Debate Team (Mrs. Hardy-Francis)

    Students research, write bills, and give speeches in a competitive environment with other schools in the Wayne Oakland Debate League. Debate Team is a first semester activity on Mondays after school.

    Forensics Team (Mrs. Hardy-Francis)

    Forensics is a competitive public speaking team. Students prepare presentations from a variety of categories, practice each week with the team, and compete each month with other schools. Forensics is a second semester activity that meets on Mondays after school.

    French Club (Mrs. Jenkins)

    Presidents organize different cultural activities for the participants. There is a focus either on a craft-type project (making Eiffel Towers out of food products, for example) or activities (a French waiters' race). Meets once per month.

    Greenhouse Club (Mrs. Tafelski)

    The clubs efforts center around restoration of the Greenhouse and increased appreciation of botany/horticulture.  We usually meet on Tuesdays after school in Room B212 or in the greenhouse as they are across from each in the B Hall.

    GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) (Ms. Buchta)

    We discuss topics related to the LGBTQ community in a non-judgmental, loving, accepting environment.

    Guys’ & Girls’ Club (Mrs. Urbanowicz)

    Guys’ & Girls’ club is a social club that consists of center and ASD students. We also provide monthly gifts/projects to Meals on Wheels. We meet the 2nd and 4th  Tuesday of the month from 2:30-3:30.

    Key Club (Ms. Eddy)

    A public service club that is sponsored by Kiwanis Club.  Student led group that provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.   Meets Wednesdays after school.

    M&M Club (Mrs. Tafelski)

    Students meet on Tuessdays after school to discuss and promote a motivational mindset. 

    National Art Honor Society (Mrs. Stack)

    A National Honor Society for Art students or anyone who loves art.

    National Dance Honor Society (Mrs. Kwiatkowski)

    A National Honor Society for dancers. Meets two times per month. 

    National Honor Society (Mrs. Gulledge) 

    Students from Churchill’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are selected upon demonstrating excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Membership in this organization is by application and acceptance by the faculty.

    Nerd Club (Mrs. Melcher) 

    A club for for students who enjoy everything from tabletop games to video games. If you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, Smash Bros, Magic the Gathering, and more, you'll enjoy this club. Nerd Club meets every Monday until 3:30PM in Mrs Melcher's room. 

    P7 Club (Mrs. Czach)

    Student-led faith Club. They meet in Mrs. Czach's room after school on Tuesdays.

    Phaeton Literary Magazine (Mrs. Hardy-Francis and Mrs. Stack)

    Students publish Phaeton from articles and sketches by the student body. Meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays in the LMC. Membership is open, but students must have a literary interest.

    Ping Pong Club (Mr. Upton)

    Meets on Thursdays outside of Mr. Upton's room to compete in ping pong games. 

    Quiz Bowl (Mr. Coates)

    Academic, current event, and pop culture questions. Tournament-style competitions against other local high schools.

    Rotary Club (Mr. Zapalski)

    Sponsored by the local Rotary Club, this club meets every Monday after school. 

    Science National Honor Society (Mr. Jones)

    The purpose of this club is to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors (mostly) who are taking advanced and AP science courses. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.4 and an overall science GPA of 3.6. 

    Spanish National Honor Society (Ms. Buchta)

    Students are enrolled in a Spanish class and have achieved the academic and character standards. We do community service projects such as packing food at Gleaners Food Bank and teaching Spanish to elementary students. We watch movies in Spanish, go to Spanish and Mexican restaurants, have small chat sessions in Spanish, go bowling and do other social events.

    Spirit Club (Ms. Cutler)

    Spirit Club supports student council in organizing social events for students and promotes school spirit through incentives, student participation, and just plain fun.

    Student Council (Mr. Mercier)

    A club that creates and organizes many activities in the school to enhance the high school experience. This includes dances, class t-shirts, and other student-run events. The separate classes meet in different places every Tuesday morning. Freshmen (led by Ms. Kaiser) meet in E16 @ 7:10 am. Sophomores (led by Ms. Hardy) meet in the LMC @ 7:10 am. Juniors (led by Mr. Zapalski) meet in A-10 @ 7:10 am. Seniors (led by Mr. Mercier) meet in Student Activities @ 2:30 pm on Mondays.

    Success Strategies (Mrs. Starr/Mrs. Curtis)

    Students are trained to be tutors and mentors for other students. Monthly meetings occur and services are provided daily. 

     Certain clubs and activities may choose to recognize success in their endeavors with an Activity Letter. Minimum criteria to be awarded; such a letter will be (2) years of involvement in the club or activity along with other criteria as determined by the sponsor or administrator. Students must apply for this through the Student Activities Office.



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