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Student Activities

  • Director: Paul Mercier
    Phone: 734-744-2650 X 46918

    The Student Activities office is located near to The Big Red Shed across from the cafeteria. This is where students can find out information about dances, assemblies, or virtually any school-wide event. If we can't answer your question, we can certainly help you find out who can! Students are welcome to stop by before school, after school, during lunch, or even between classes! 

Student Clubs and Honor Societies



    Churchill High School offers a wide variety of student activities. Involvement and participation in these activities will enhance a student’s social skills, self-esteem, and sense of pride in their school. Activities provide students with opportunities to give service and represent their school and community, to make new friends and to develop special interests and abilities.

    Activities, clubs, and school organizations vary from year to year depending upon interest and sponsorship availability. Generally, these will include:


    Charger Herald (Mr. Wood)

    Students with good writing skills can join the Charger Herald, the school’s student newspaper. They meet in room A19 after school once or twice per month on Wednesdays. An issue comes out once a month with articles on topics such as school events, sports, lifestyles, and entertainment.

    Chess Club (Mr. Upton)

    The Chess Club meets on Mondays in Mr. Upton's room to practice and play chess. 

    Connect Me Tutoring Club (Mr. Upton)

    Connect Me is a national tutoring organization that tutors kids (grades K-8) through Zoom. Students will have a chance to tutor kids, gain service hours, and help the community. A minimum GPA of 3.7 is required to join. Link: The group meets bi-weekly on Mondays in Mr. Upton's room.

     D and D Club (Mr. Meloche)

     The purpose of the club is to provide a fun and safe space to play the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. The club will help build strong friendships and confidence. Escaping to a fantasy world through the game involves skills and strategy as well as creativity and problem-solving. The club meets every other Friday from 2:30-4:30

    French Club (Mrs. Jenkins)

    Presidents organize different cultural activities for the participants. There is a focus either on a craft-type project (making Eiffel Towers out of food products, for example) or activities (a French waiters' race). Meets once per month.

    German Club (Mrs. Roosevelt)

    A club that focuses on the German culture and language. This club meets in C328 on either the first or second TUESDAY of each month. 

    Greenhouse Club (Mrs. Tafelski)

    The Greenhouse Club is actively engaged in restoring and utilizing the greenhouse at CHS. We hold fundraisers as well as recycle materials at CHS. Our meetings typically take place on a bi-weekly basis right after school in B212 and the greenhouse. Please see Mrs. Tafelski (B212) with inquiries.

    GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) (Mrs. Buchta)

     The GSA discusses topics related to the LGBTQ community in a non-judgmental, loving, accepting
    environment. Meets every other Tuesday in room C324. 

    History Club (Ms. Eddy)

    We will talk about history and take part in history related contests.  Our major focus will be Michigan History Day.  This is like a science fair for history people.  If you love history come to Ms. Eddy's room, A112 after school on Tuesdays. All history lovers are welcome.

    Junior State of America (JSA) (Mr. Wood)

     A non-partisan youth organization. The purpose of JSA is to help high school students acquire leadership skills and the knowledge necessary to be effective debaters and civic participants. Meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm in Mr. Wood's room. 

    Key Club (Ms. Eddy)

    A public service club that is sponsored by Kiwanis Club.  Student led group that provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.   Meets Tuesdays after school.

    Livonia High School Figure Skating:  (Mrs. McAlinden)  The Figure Skating Club is open to figure skaters of all skill levels.  There are 3 skill levels for the areas of jumps,  spins, and moves.  Skaters compete against local districts at 3 competitions.  The season runs from Nov 1 thru March.  Top 2 teams from each district qualify  for the State Competition.   Practices are 2 times a month at Eddie Edgar Ice Arena.  There is a fee for skaters to cover ice time, coaching, and competition expenses.  Email Mrs. McAlinden at or Coach Jen at for more information.

    Livonia Warriors Robotics Team

    Movie Club (Mrs. King)

    Meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays to watch movies. 

    National Art Honor Society (Mrs. Stack)

    A National Honor Society for Art students or anyone who loves art.

    National Dance Honor Society (Mrs. Kwiatkowski)

    A National Honor Society for dancers. Meets two times per month. 

    National English Honor Society (Mr. Hebestreit)

    Students who have been at Churchill for one semester, have an overall English GPA of 3.0, and an overall GPA of 3.25 are eligible to apply for NEHS. The NEHS has mandatory meetings twice a month and gives students the opportunity to participate in student mentoring, writing hours, literary events in the community, scholarship contests, publication contests, and other great opportunities.

    National Honor Society (Mrs. Gulledge) 

    Students from Churchill’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are selected upon demonstrating excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Membership in this organization is by application and acceptance by the faculty.

    National Math Honor Society-Mu Alpha Theta Chapter (Mrs. Schnurstein)

    Students who are at least a sophomore and carry a 3.5 math GPA or higher may apply to be in the NMHS. Students must also complete the equivalent of two years of college prep mathematics and completed, or are enrolled in, a third year of college preparatory mathematics. General meetings take place monthly. 

    P7 Club (Mrs. Czach)

    Student-led faith Club. They meet in Mrs. Czach's room after school on Tuesdays.

    Phaeton Literary Magazine ( Mr. Wood )

    Phaeton is Churchill's literary and arts magazine; members of this club work to gather student submissions of artwork and creative writing of all kinds, from which they will select entries for print publication at the end of the school year. Interested students should contact Mr. Wood via email. 

    Quiz Bowl (Mrs. Turri)

    Quiz Bowl is a club made up of multiple teams ranging from freshmen to varsity. Each match has trivia questions ranging from math to pop culture. All teams will have the opportunity to compete against other KLAA teams.

     Rotary Club (Mrs. Granowicz)

    Sponsored by the local Rotary Club, the Churchill Rotary Club will be meeting every Monday in A104 (Mrs.Ganowicz's room). If you are interested in volunteering and meeting new people, please feel free to come to our meetings after school! If you have any questions feel free to contact Ivanna Brigido ( 


    SAT Prep Club (Mrs. Gohl)

    The SAT Prep Club is a medium to help prepare students for the SAT, a standardized test that most high-schoolers take before applying to colleges. Joining this club will allow students to learn different strategies to improve their scores, provide access to a multitude of resources, and be able to converse with other students regarding common questions they may have in preparation for this test. 

    Science National Honor Society (Mr. Jones)

    The purpose of this club is to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors (mostly) who are taking advanced and AP science courses. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.4 and an overall science GPA of 3.6. 

    Spanish National Honor Society (Ms. Buchta)

    Students who are enrolled in a Spanish class and have achieved the academic and character standards. We do community service projects such as packing food at Gleaners Food Bank and teaching Spanish to elementary students. We watch movies in Spanish, go to Spanish and Mexican restaurants, have small chat sessions in Spanish, go bowling and do other social events.

    Spirit Club (Mrs. Tafelski)

    Spirit Club supports student council in organizing social events for students and promotes school spirit through incentives, student participation, and just plain fun.

    Student Council (Mr. Mercier)

    A club that creates and organizes many activities in the school to enhance the high school experience. This includes dances, class t-shirts, and other student-run events. The separate classes meet in different places every Tuesday morning. Freshmen (led by Mrs. Cutler) meet in A116 @ 7:10 am. Sophomores (led by Ms. Christie) meet in A123 @ 7:10 am. Juniors (led by Mr. Zapalski) meet in A 106 @ 7:10 am. Seniors (led by Mr. Mercier) meet in Student Activities @ 2:30 pm on Mondays.

    Tri M Music Honor Society (Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Van Ham)

    Tri-M is the only national honor society for student musicians in the country. It highlights your school's music program and gives students the opportunity to perform, lead, and serve.


     Certain clubs and activities may choose to recognize success in their endeavors with an Activity Letter. Minimum criteria to be awarded; such a letter will be (2) years of involvement in the club or activity along with other criteria as determined by the sponsor or administrator. Students must apply for this through the Student Activities Office.