SHS Preschool

  • Making a difference in our community.

    For children 3-5 years of age.

    Our Philosophy:

    To create an environment where children will love to learn through educational play. Our preschoolers are treated with respect and love. Our goal is to build their self-confidence, give them positive self-esteem, good communication skills, and creativity while having fun! Our creative learning includes these areas:

    • Circle Time: Every day the preschoolers attend circle time, we take attendance and the children can recognize their names. They also learn finger plays, sing songs, listen to stories, talk about the weather, what the date and month is, and most importantly learn to behave in a group setting.

    • Math: Our preschoolers will learn the importance of numbers and we will work together to teach number recognition and sequences.

    • Language Arts: In this area, the children will be inspired to recognize letters, sounds, and sequences, and will learn the significance of reading and writing.

    • Dramatic Play: The preschoolers will get the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in dress-up and building with blocks and this helps their socialization skills with the other children.

    • Science: Here the children will learn and explore things such as insects, growing processes, eating habits of animals, and much more.

    • Small/Large Muscle: These areas are more hands-on. The small muscle area helps the children learn to tie, zip, and button. Large muscle area lets the children interact with other children and include physical activities that teach them to follow directions.

    • Sand and Water Table: This is one of the more popular and interactive activities among the preschoolers. They are allowed to dig in the sand and learn things like soft and hard, rough and smooth, and float and sink.
    • Curriculum: Our high school staff members develop their own lesson plans and activities for the preschoolers each semester. We at Stevenson Preschool use a theme learning basis. We encourage the preschoolers to not only become more independent as a person but to work together with their peers.

Preschool Information