• Can I check my son's/daughter's grades or attendance online? Livonia Public Schools is dedicated to communicating with parents and guardians regarding their child’s progress in school.  One of the tools used to reach this goal is MiStar ParentConnect. This integrated system, with student records, gradebook, food service, transportation, and assessment components, provides essential information to parents of all K-12 students attending Livonia Public Schools.

      As part of the student registration process, the parent or guardian should provide an email address. Once this email address is entered into the student system, an email will be sent to the parent or guardian with their PIN and password, as well as the web link for ParentConnect. The link is also found on the district or school website under the Parent section. After logging into ParentConnect, the password may be changed by clicking on the Account link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

      Parents and guardians may sign up for email notification for several items, such as assignments, attendance, and food service. While logged in, the parent would click on Email Notifications in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select which notifications they want to receive for each of their students. Once checked, a daily summary is provided to the email address of the ParentConnection account.

      ParentConnect provides:
      • One confidential PIN (Personal Identification Number) and password per parent/guardian to access information for all of your children attending Livonia Public Schools, Kindergarten through 12th grade.
        Secondary students with their own StudentConnect PIN and passwords.
      • Attendance information.
      • Assignment information and report card grades, where applicable.
      • Cafeteria information, including the balance in the accounts for your children.
      • Graduation requirement information, where applicable.
    • If my son/daughter attends the Career Center, how do I check them out during that time? Call the Stevenson attendance line to check out a student and the attendance secretary will relay the information to the Career Center.

    • Who do the parents contact to change information on the pink cards? Contact your child’s assistant principal to update information on the pink emergency cards. 

    • Are there phones available in the hallways or offices if a student stays after school and needs a ride? Each classroom has a phone that may be used with the teacher’s permission. Additionally, each Assistant Principal's office has a phone available.

    • Is the Student Handbook online? Yes, the handbook is on the SHS website by clicking this link.

    • Is the Athletic Physical form online? This form is now available online by clicking this link

    • How do I contact a coach regarding an absence due to illness? Follow the directions given to the athlete by the coach or call the school's main telephone number and we will direct the call to the proper place.

    • What is the fastest way to get a hold of the teachers or counselors? Contact them either by phone or by email. Voicemail extensions and links to email addresses are on the Stevenson website under Staff.

    • How does my student make arrangements to talk to his/her counselor? Students complete a counseling request form in the Counseling Office or stop in the office to see if the counselor is available.

    • Are the counselors available before school for the students who ride the bus and get there early? At times, the counselors are available in the morning before school.

    • How can I get a progress report for a specific class when it is not report card or progress report time? Call or email the teacher for a progress update. 

    • What steps do I take if my child is having trouble with a class? Begin by contacting the teacher either by phone or by email. 

    • How do I get additional help for my child who is failing certain classes? Begin by contacting the teacher.

    • Is there tutoring for struggling students? Yes, tutoring is available. Contact your student's counselor to inquire about tutoring.

    • Where do I find summer school information? Contact the Counseling Office for information regarding summer school.

    • How do I make suggestions regarding class offerings? Suggestions may be directed to the department chairperson or the Scheduling Office Assistant Principal.

    • When can a parent come into school to shop at the school store? The Spartan Corner, our school store, is open during lunchtime from 10:45 AM to 12:00 PM. Parents must check-in in the Front Lobby to obtain a visitor’s pass prior to going to the store.

    • To whom do I speak if my child has a schedule conflict between two teachers who each has after school, mandatory attendance, events planned? Contact each teacher then, if necessary, the student’s assistant principal.

    • I have questions about ParentConnect, whom should I contact? Please email

    If you have a question not answered here or a suggestion for the Stevenson FAQ, please contact us.