Scheduling Information

  • Schedule Change Policy

    After course selections and before the master schedule and student schedules are printed, students may make changes to their schedules. Students must be prepared to attend school all hours of the school day.

    Schedule changes may not be made for the purpose of early release to go to work unless the job is part of the school program.

    After the master schedule is complete and student schedules are printed, a request for change must be submitted in writing on the form available in the Guidance Office.

    Changes will be approved for the following reasons only:

    • Changes necessitated by a previous failure
    • Conflicts (two classes which meet during the same hour)
    • Incomplete schedules
    • Placement in the Volunteers in Community Service program
    • Changes due to summer school work

    Any student who drops a course without replacing it with another will receive a grade of "EW" on his/her transcript. Changes that permit a student to enter a class for credit must be completed by the end of the first week of the semester. Students who are anticipating a change in their class schedule are expected to follow their original schedule until a new one has been provided.