Community-Based Course Descriptions

  • Because of the nature of community-based classrooms, specific entry level skills are required to participate. Students will need to be ready for independence in the community. Good grooming, appropriate behavior and dressing appropriately is necessary for the community setting. Students assigned to community based courses will remain in the building one day a week to engage in other instruction which will prepare them for Adult Life Roles.

      The Madonna University Program is located at Madonna University and is designed to provide students appropriate life role experiences within a college campus. Course content includes instruction in applied academics and work-based learning experiences. Work-based learning experiences are provided through light custodial duties throughout the university. On occasion, university personnel call upon those in this class to perform other duties such as work in the Library, or in the Take 5 Lounge. 

      Students in this community based class assist elected officials, their employees, and other staff at Livonia City Hall. Students engage in clerical tasks, outdoor maintenance, light custodial, and other duties as assigned by various departments under the supervision of their teacher and paraprofessional. 

      Commercial Baking is a community based classroom located at Stevenson High School. This class assists Livonia Public Schools with their baking needs. Students learn basic recipe preparation and baking, packaging, as well as, sanitizing and hygiene routines for working with food.  All Serv Safe guidelines are used (regulations and guidelines set up by the State of Michigan) in the classroom. Students also learn safe food handling techniques and how to work as a team in a fast paced environment. The students work with the Livonia Public Schools food service staff and custodians on a regular basis.  Students should be able to work without supervision for 15 minutes.  Students may use a commercial dishwasher, garbage disposal, commercial mixers, convection ovens, electric stove top and oven with supervision. Careers in food preparation, baking or working in a commercial kitchen is addressed. Cake baking and decorating is a primary focus.
      Students will experience a realistic training opportunity at Meijer, Inc. They will develop skills to provide assistance in a retail environment. They will increase their independence and build introductory jobs skills. The Meijer experience includes grocery skills and general merchandising. Students will assist with organizing and maintaining various departments within the store.  Students should be able to interact appropriately with Meijer staff and customers.  They will be expected to demonstrate independence and work without direct supervision for 15 minutes. Employability skills, social skills and customer service are emphasized.  Students are expected to comply with the Meijer dress code.  They need to wear black or tan pants or shorts and comfortable shoes.  They will be provided with 2 red polo shirts. 
      The Supported Transition Program (STP) is a class placement intended for full-time students in their final years of programming.  STP consists of two basic components; work experience and individualized classroom instruction. The work experience component consists of small groups of students who are placed in community businesses to learn and practice employability skills. Worksites are chosen by S.T.P. staff members based on student goals, strengths and areas of need. Individualized instruction is based upon the needs of students in all of the Life Role areas, with added emphasis on transitioning students from school to life after graduation. STP students are expected to look, dress, and conduct themselves as adults. Students are required to dress in clean, neat clothes. Clothing must conform to student dress code; however, students may not wear blue jeans, shirts with inappropriate logos, or t-shirts.