Courses Requiring Staff Approval

      Student must be referred by a teacher and participate in a try-out before placement is approved.

      This work exploration class, located at Jackson Early Childhood Center, focuses on skills needed to assist with classroom responsibilities when caring for young children aged infants to five years old.  Students are placed individually or in groups of two in a particular classroom and take direction from the Jackson staff. Students should be able to work without direct supervision from WWSC staff for at least 15 – 30 minutes. Depending on what age group the student is assigned; there may be nose wiping, diaper changing, and lots of hand washing. All classrooms involve some custodial work such as sanitizing tables and sweeping floors. Afternoon students need to be able to lift the cots in order to get them ready for the children’s naps. The afternoon students also sit on the floor next to children helping them to fall asleep (without falling asleep themselves!). Students should be able to get down on the floor with children. Students should be able to recognize the difference between supervising children at play vs. playing with children. Students may need to react quickly to emergency situations such as a child choking, vomiting, or getting hurt on the playground. Students will learn about the developmental stages of childhood and positive techniques for managing children’s behavior. A student try-out is required for enrollment in this class. Once accepted in this licensed child-care setting, students must have a TB test and get FIA (Family Independence Agency) clearance. There can be no dangly jewelry, facial piercings, or visible tattoos. Students are provided with polo shirts to wear over their own clothing to indicate that they are interns.

      Student must be referred by a teacher and possess prerequisite skills.

      Students who have demonstrated appropriate employability and self management skills may be placed as a volunteer in a community business for individualized work experience. This is an unpaid training experience through which interests and skills in additional work areas may be explored. WBT is a valuable opportunity for furthering an individual’s mobility skills, knowledge of community resources, safety awareness, work habits and personal adjustment skills. WBT will be available through a referral process for morning and afternoon students.