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    • We are delighted to announce that Hayes Elementary has been awarded a renewal of their Michigan Green School certification for the 2020-21 school year! The intent of the Michigan Green Schools Program is to encourage students to participate in activities which help them learn about preserving natural resources, protecting the environment, and promoting energy efficiency and savings. 
    • Dear Ms. Lakatos,
    • Your school’s Michigan Green School 2020-2021 activity verification application was received and reviewed. Congratulations on achieving the EVERGREEN designation with 20.5 points! Thank you for the hard work and dedication of the teachers, students and families at your school, and the efforts you made to complete the tasks are very impressive given the challenges of this school year created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hayes Elementary is urged to continue its energy saving and environmental initiatives and hope you encourage others to follow your lead. The Green School Certificates are being prepared and will be e-mailed to you as soon as they are available. The Green School banner decals for this year’s designation are also in the process of being printed, and will be mailed to your school when they are available as well. Thank you again for your participation and dedication to the Wayne County Green Schools initiative and if there are any questions about the program or this communication, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Susan Thompson MSWayne County Department of Public ServicesEnvironmental Services Division


    A school is eligible to receive a green, emerald or evergreen school environmental stewardship designation when the school coordinator or students submits proper written documentation describing how the school has performed in a minimum of 10 energy saving and environmental activities. 

    • Your Green Team met monthly online with Ms. Lakatos to participate in several eco-friendly activities including a button design contest, making upcycled crafts, posters, and celebrating special events such as Earth Day.
    • Questions about the Hayes Green Club? Please email Hayes Art Teacher Christine Lakatos at
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