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    Wikipedia is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Hey!  That’s a picture of Mr.  Chinavare, - your librarian.  He works hard to make the Library@ Frost as useful as possible.  It would be a real shame if you didn’t use it.  Don’t make him crazy…come on down.

    It’s not as hard as it seems to do well in school…if you need help find it!  

    Mr. Chinavare likes helping students do better in school.  He thinks everyone can do better if they work at it (he even believes it about himself!).  Give him a break,  and come down to the library!  He always enjoys working with students (or parents), plus he might be able to give you some pointers…he wasn’t always a good student, but he is now – ask him about the secret!

    Here’s what you need to know about the Library @Frost:

    We want you to do well in school (and life!).

                School is easy:  come down to the library, Mr. Chinavare can help.

                Life is harder:  the library can help, but  you gotta do your part!