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Field Trip Information

  • Our staff values the benefits of field trips and seeks to provide exceptional opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Each field trip is planned with our curriculum in mind and seeks to enhance and contribute to the learning of grade level concepts. Field trips also provide a place for classrooms to build a sense of community. Children learn to work with one another, spend time with one another outside of the classroom and learn valuable skills, like manners and working collaboratively with one another. Learning in the classroom is accelerated when classrooms have a community that is collaborative and cohesive! Field trips help provide this sense of community.

    Below are a few changes for field trips:

    1. We will be taking a bus for all field trips. We will not be using parent drivers. Students who attend the field trip must check into school that morning for attendance, ride the bus to the field trip and return from the field trip on the bus. Teachers will take another attendance check after their return from field trips.
    2. Due to the cost of fuel and the bus, field trip costs have increased. Our wonderful PTA will be donating $2,500 for field trip transportation, which works out to two buses per grade level per year. We are thankful for their consistent support and appreciate this help to our families.
    3. Chaperones must have an ICHAT form/approval on file. When parents/guardians do attend a field trip, siblings are not allowed to attend.
    4. Grade levels will be seeking out "in school" field trips. Many organizations will come right to our classrooms and provide an "in school" field trip. This will help provide hands-on learning without the costs of transportation!

    Our staff looks forward to providing fun and exciting field trips for our students. We also greatly appreciate the support from our parent community.