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Intra-District Student Transfers

The Intra-District Student Transfer Request window for the 2024-2025 school year is now closed.

Please note that a student must be registered in Livonia Public Schools and reside within district boundaries to submit an intra-district transfer request. The information on this page is not applicable/related to the Out-of-District Limited Schools of Choice program. 

Intra-district transfer requests from new student enrollments/registrations will not be considered or approved, including Kindergarten students.   

It is generally recommended that a student attend his/her home school because of factors that include, but are not limited to: the safety of daily travel, proximity to neighborhood classmates and friends, and access to involvement in school activities. Our school boundaries are also designed to keep relatively balanced enrollment in each triad and school. Significant changes to this can cause an imbalance in student populations.

In unusual or unique circumstances, permission may be granted to parents to enroll their child/ren in schools outside of their designated attendance areas. If you are seeking a transfer to a school other than the one your child is assigned to based on your residence, you will need to submit a student transfer application as soon as possible, prior to the year for which the transfer is requested. It is not necessary to resubmit this form to continue the transfer once it has been approved, during the time in which your child is attending school at that level (elementary or secondary). The district will assume, unless otherwise notified, that the student will remain at the requested school for future years. You will need, however, to submit another transfer request if you wish your student to attend a different secondary school other than his or her home school. 


  1. A transfer request does not mean that a transfer will be automatic. It must be approved; not all requests will be approved.
  2. If your transfer is approved, you will be responsible for transportation. Bus transportation is not available to transfer students. In addition, due to limited parking space, parking permits for students at the high school are not guaranteed for transfer students.
  3. Serious considerations of this matter should be made prior to your request, as it indicates a commitment to have your student remain at the chosen school throughout his/her elementary, middle or high school experience.
  4. Please note that students must meet Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) requirements to participate in athletics. MHSAA has a transfer rule which may apply to your student. Please check with your high school athletic administrator to see if your student's eligibility will be impacted. Per MHSAA guidelines, please keep in mind that all students transferring to different high schools for reasons other than changing residence could possibly lose one semester of athletic eligibility.
  5. The scheduling of classes for transfer students into specific courses may be limited by availability. An approved transfer does not guarantee a seat in accelerated, advanced placement, or elective courses. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please email or speak with your school administrator.

Intra-district transfer requests from new student enrollments/registrations will not be considered or approved.   

Intra-District Transfer Program Timeline

Intra-district transfer requests submitted by the end of the day on March 31 will be reviewed and responses will be provided by May 15, to take effect the following school year.