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Email is our primary method of communicating with families and staff. We also utilize phone calls and text messages for things like attendance updates, school closures, and emergency notifications.

Two-way communication is a top priority in our school district, and email is one of several tools we use to communicate quickly and directly with you. We want to make sure all of our parents and guardians are receiving emails from their child’s school and from the district.

Emails: SchoolMessenger

When you register your student in the district, you will be automatically subscribed to messages from the school(s) and the district.

SchoolMessenger, our notifications provider, also allows users to subscribe manually. This option is useful if:

  • You would like to receive messages from schools other than those that your student attends
  • You registered your student in the summer months and would like to receive messages in the period between your registration and the student data system roll-over to the new school year
  • You have family or caregivers who would like to receive district and school messages.

Subscribers will receive general school/district messages only. Student-specific communications (i.e. attendance, food service account notices) will be sent only to the guardians designated on the student’s record.

Phone Calls & Text Messages

Phone notifications and text messages are made to all LPS families and staff members in the event of an emergency or weather-related school closure. Schools may also use the phone messaging system to relay other school news. Please make sure you have your correct phone number on file with your child's school.

To receive texts, you must opt in. Text "yes" to 67587 to begin receiving texts.

Parent Connect

Parent Connect allows parents to see their student(s) attendance, cafeteria accounts and transportation information, as well as academic progress, class schedules, and assignments at the secondary level. 

Click here to visit ParentConnect. 

LPS Parent App

LPS offers an interactive parent app hosted through Finalsite, our website provider.

Social Media

We maintain an active social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Visit us to check out fun things happening around the district! Please note that social media is a secondary means of communication for LPS.

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