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Visual Arts

The Livonia Public Schools Visual Arts program offers a wide range of art experiences and mediums throughout the K-12 levels.  In the elementary, K-6 levels, students are given an appreciation for the fine arts, an understanding of art mediums and history. As students move into the Middle school and High school levels, they are provided with additional opportunities to expand on previous knowledge and explore a greater spectrum of media such as ceramics, jewelry, photography and graphic design.  Livonia also offers career-focused opportunities through our Career Technical Center programs.

Our Mission Statement and Goals

To provide a strong foundation of visual arts appreciation and experiences that develop the whole child and enrich their creative and artistic abilities throughout their lives.


  • To provide a wide range of art mediums and art experiences, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, fibers, printmaking, jewelry, photography and graphic design.

  • To develop an appreciation for the fine arts, humanities and its impact on the betterment of society.

  • To cultivate life-long learners, with the ability to use strategies and tools to creativity problem-solve and to think critically.

  • To connect with our local communities through fine arts

a group of students working together on a large painting
toilet paper rolls that were made into animals by students
high school students drawing at a table
a high school student working on clay
a high school student forming a flower with clay
high school students sketching hands
a high school student forming circles in clay
high school students sketching at a large table

Art Leaders

Tamara Blau: Secondary 7-12

Kellie Stark: Elementary K-6