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English Language Learners

English Language Learners Program K-12

Welcome to Livonia Public Schools' English Learner program!  We are excited to work with our students on English language skills in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  We are committed to providing researched-based interventions and supporting student academic growth in all content areas to achieve English Language proficiency.

Our Staff

Position Name Schools Serviced
EL Coordinator

Lindsay Rousseau

District Administrator 
Program Leader Amie Van Horn (Gabel)
Newcomer Churchill/K-12
Teacher Elizabeth Napier
Cleveland, Randolph, Grant
Teacher Michelle Geyman
Coolidge, Hoover
Teacher Madonna Jaghab
Roosevelt, Kennedy, Hayes
Teacher Erin Horback
Emerson, Franklin, Webster
Teacher Michael Busk
Frost, Churchill
Teacher Brian DeMaggio
Holmes, Stevenson
Teacher Amara Khzouz
Riley, Johnson, Cooper
Teacher Jodi Steimel
Rosedale, Buchanan
Technology Paraprofessional Evangelina Edwards