2021-22 Scheduling for Future 7th Graders

2021-22 Scheduling for Future 8th Graders

  • Students are asked to select electives that they have not yet taken (with the exception of Band/Choir). We want to provide students with a variety of experiences during middle school. For example, if you had Art & Design this year, please do not select this course again for next year. You may, however, choose Visual Art (which is a separate course).

    As an 8th grader, students have the option of beginning the World Language requirement. French, German and Spanish are offered as a full year class. If students successfully pass the World Language course, they can earn credit toward fulfilling the high school requirement. Students should consider if they are ready for a high school paced course before committing to a World Language class as the workload is comparable to that of a core course (math, language arts, science, social studies).

    One semester of Physical Education is required at the 8th grade level. If a student selects two full year courses (i.e. Band/Choir and World Language) this requirement is waived as it will not fit in the student's schedule.

    Our Holmes Yearbook class is offered as an application based course at the 8th grade. Please be sure to select an alternative in the event the class is full. A link to the application is provided.

    Lastly, please select courses based on YOUR interests. The chances of you being in the same hour as a friend are slim, so do not choose classes based on your friends. Since our school will be staffed based on the selections you make now, please take the time to read the descriptions to make an informed decision.  We are unable to make changes to schedules in September.

    PLEASE have this Course Selection electronic form completed by Friday, March 12, 2021.


    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your counselor.

    Cori Pesci (A-Len)

    Stephanie Estereicher (Leo -V)

    Renay Weiss-Stancell  (W - Z)