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We wanted to touch base and let you know we are thinking of all of you and hope you are staying safe and healthy!  We know in these times of uncertainty, there are so many things weighing on our minds daily and we wanted to provide some information about NJHS to hopefully relieve some of the stress.

As a committee we have decided to postpone the induction ceremony until the fall. This will hopefully reduce the anxiety that students and parents may be feeling about trying to apply this year with all that is going on.  

So what does this mean for you, the students wanting to apply?  It means that you should still be working on fulfilling your requirements to apply to NJHS when it becomes safe to do so.

A reminder that those requirements include...

  • Filling out the application (must be signed by both the student and a parent)
  • Obtaining two educators and one adult recommendation
  • Completing 20 hours of community service.  Many students have already been logging hours. Please remember that from the time you left Riley up until applications are due in the fall, any community service you performed can be counted.

Many of you have stepped up in this time of need to help neighbors or the elderly, and those acts of kindness can count towards service hours as well.

You will also have the summer to continue to fulfill these requirements  but make sure they are completed by the fall.  

We have put all of the forms online digitally so students can have an opportunity to continue working to complete them. If they have forgotten their forms at school, they can reprint them, and they can also email their adult/educator evaluations since we are social distancing!  Students can access these forms on the NJHS 2020-2021 Google Classroom!

Please remember that while we value our student’s ambitions to become members of the NJHS, it is really a time to focus on what is important - staying healthy, emotionally, mentally and physically.  We wish you all the best in helping to flatten the curve and hope you are cherishing the silver lining of slowing down and getting back to basics with those we love!

All our best,

NJHS Committee
Holmes Middle School